DJ Rio Flying High Radio Sessions MIx #520


DJ Rio Flying High Radio Sessions MIx #520

This mix is over 2 hours of some hard stompin’ tech house and there is also an hour of chill out electronica at the end to relax you off !


3 thoughts on “DJ Rio Flying High Radio Sessions MIx #520

  1. Your mix album “covers” are off the chain!! Not like the typical ones out there…it’s like: “Where Science meets Music”…you must be a science geek as well as artiste. Tried fiddling with Download Helper, had to revert to previous version 9.10, but seems to be working (fingers crossed). Each set gets better than the last. I remember a set you did on the now defunct show a few years back (actually had taped it) and it was amazing, but these are stellar. Can’t wait for the Classic House Mix… Regards, Sar.

    • Thank you so much !!!

      In order for dwnld helper to work, you must wait for the entire set to load on the mixcloud player.
      If you start it to soon, it will not load completely and cut off the mix.

      I will also be posting the mixes on Soundcloud with a dwnld option, but each mix will be limited to 2 hours max.

      As for the covers, I am glad you enjoy them !!!

  2. yup, did exactly that…oh well! also doesn’t transfer to other devices (iphone, etc). Widdack. Thanks for your efforts anyhow. And hell yes on the Soundcloud option. I will no longer pester you… 🙂

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