Kraftwerk And The Electronic Revolution (DVD)

Electronic music has just about infiltrated every genre of music, and has re-defined the culture of dance music from the likes of Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode, Chemical Brothers, and many many others.  It has allowed DJs to execute their skills from turntables, keyboards, and drum machines to very high positions of stature in the music business.  As DJs and producers, we all knew we had the talent, but we were never taught how to play an instrument or read music, and you can thank the pioneers of electronica from as way back as the late fifties who recognized and transformed electronic bleeps and tones into a highly regarded artform in the annals of music.

Kraftwerk and the Electronic Revolution ($20)  is an incredible 3 hour journey that focuses on the birth and meteoric rise of experimental electronic music from its German roots, also dubbed Krautrock.  Every DJ should get a copy of this masterpiece and learn about the roots of dance music/techno and hip-hop.

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