Pinball controller for iPad

The rock band The Who, sang about it, and if you were growing up in seventies, you could always find one or two shining bright on those dimly lit back spaces.  It was always a cool social gathering for those young rebellious teens with their bell bottoms flapping in the wind, pocket fulla coins, and enough hair to keep a barber shop up to their ears on the cutting floor.  It was a crave that was pubescent to the video game craze, right before Atari took over with their 8-bit wonder called Pong.  I’m talking pinball damnit!!!  But who could afford to keep a vintage one in top shape with all the trimmings, so I guess the simplest way to have one that is close to home would probably be through your trusty iPad, but why stop there?  A company called Duo has developed an add-on pinball controller called Duo Pinball ($60) that comes with two authentic flipper buttons, a ball launching plunger, and a docking tilt mantle.  It also responds to your typical pinball styled nudging and bumping that can actually render a tilt when pushed to the limit.  The Duo app also includes 5 pinball tables, and there are more you can get later.

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