Looks like Pioneer finally gets it right for USB DJ controllers

Serato users can look forward to a new offering from Pioneer that will send Traktor users in a frenzy.
The Pioneer DDJ-SX ($TBA) looks like it has everything you need from a true next level performance controller by incorporating all the right moves in design and features from the likes of Novation and Vestax and possibly Traktor.  I am pretty sure they will square up with a Traktor version   somewhere along the horizon, but my main concern would most likely be the asking price, for Pioneer is notoriously known for being overpriced gouge-a-holics!

It can be coupled with 2 decks to allow for full controllerism with 4 physical decks as opposed to the customary virtual C & D channels.  Mainly, it is a stand alone mixer too, which can be pretty dependable when all hell breaks loose on the laptop.  So far, I like what I see!  More to come…

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