Vestax VCI-380 for Serato Itch

The Vestax VCI-380 ($899) crash lands at the hands of Serato Itch users, featuring a pint size 2 channel light show that is essentially the mini-me of the VCI-400. By design, it is clearly intended for beat jugglers and hip-hop enthusiasts that still appreciate the art of the turntable scratch.  However, the 8 added multi-function performance mode pads, made famous on the Novation Twitch, make it ideal for electronic dance music and other listening formats.  Your skills will be a tad greater on this model…

So, just what is this little devil packin’, and how does it stack up:

-2 x 8 multi function pads with performance modes
-stand alone mixer (phono/line) with front face toggle from PC to analog mode
-XLR outs
-solid build quality
-newly designed LED lit jog wheel queue match on-screen queue for accuracy
-pre-amps and bit processors ensure awesome sound quality
-size is optimal for portability  (hello backpack!)

-priced too damn high for a two channel controller ($899) !
-two channels ONLY is a real bummer
-exclusive to Serato Itch
-does not have channel LED strips; only a main L/R out

The unit looks amazing, and may probably be the best Serato Itch controller ever made.  The price, though, will scare people over to the likes of Traktor and other close competitors on the 4 channel circuit, but Vestax reputably does know how to cater to hip hop junkies, so this model should do pretty well and size up as a solid crossover unit for starters DJs and experienced controllerists who crave the old ones and twos.

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