In this day and age, $3000 for a laptop is ridiculous !

DJs and record producers- WAIT, don’t BLOW YOUR $$$$$$$$ !!!

I love Apple products.  Who doesn’t?  Their new Macbook Pro takes the power of portability to greater heights with less weight and no moving parts- other than the folding screen.

Here are the basic modifications they made:

– They took away the DVD/CD drive and ditched the conception of a Blu-Ray drive in the dirt. (Blu-Ray burning drives could be a plus for saving tons of large files.)

– They got rid of the conventional hard drive and replaced it with SSD (Solid State Drive) memory; the same technology on the iPad.  (SSD, STILL TOO EXPENSIVE!!!)

– They’ve improved the quality of the screen with OLED technology, which you will soon find as a standard on all the new TVs.  (NICE SCREEN, but still easy to crack or break.)

– They got rid of the Firewire port, which many people like myself have greatly appreciated over the years as a much more reliable and effective interface.

– They finally put two and two together and made a direct HDMI connection, so you don’t have to spend $30 on some bullshit little cable. (Just plug it in!!! YAY ! ! ! )

– And with all that space saving modifications, they forgot to add a couple of extra USB ports.  Stupid move if you ask me.  Oh, and the USB technology is the new USB 3.

Drumroll please… …. …. ….  Here is my verdict:

To get the most out of this machine, you will probably be spending very close to $3000; minus the USB-hub to plug in all your gear simultaneously.  For that money, I can but 2 laptops, an entire DJ controller setup, an amazing gig bag, 2 backup drives, and enough cash leftover to print some dope business cards.

So, my message to anyone doing music is to wait and be more conscious of what’s available on the market.  Spend your money wisely because you will need it for promotion and marketing yourself.

That high resolution screen- you don’t really need it if you are doing music, and if you want to take advantage of it, Blu-Ray quality large .mkv files (15-25GB for each movie) will eat up your memory space.  If you love music and having a large music library, the expensive SSD memory will limit the shit out of expanding your music library and storing long mix session projects.  You will still need to carry an external hard drive.

The main reason to avoid buying one as a DJ is that you will be a nervous wreck carrying around a $3000 laptop to and from gigs.  I would feel more comfortable if I lost or broke a $900 laptop.  And, if you want to keep it solely for home use, you’re better off with a Mac Pro tower for about $500-$800 less.

Basically, $2500-$3000 for a laptop just sounds ridiculous these days.  I feel like it’s 1990 all over again.  Apple, where the fuck is Steve Jobs when you need him?

At then end of it all, it is still a nice piece of gear, but it is just a nice piece of gear.

Think different.

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