The Traktor F1 has landed; no mothership

Although the facade of this little box looks like a trip to the candy store, you are looking at the most forward leap for live mixing that will change the face of DJing.  If you are still clinging to those CDJs in your setup, you may want to console them because they will soon be like that old broom in those Swifter commercials.  Midi is going to take over DJing.  There is just too much shit going on in the controllerist front that will leave those CDJs and the much respected ones and twos in the dust.  Look, I love the feel of a turntable, but we gotta evolve and keep the people entertained.  But the beauty of the Traktor setup is that it also incorporates turntables in its setup, but you will be too involved in the creative process to man a couple of old pitch sliders-trust me.

This unit will not only add to the playing experience, but it goes the extra mile of allowing you, THE DJ, to gather up or create any sound, beat, or loop and actually create a live remix in your DJ setup.  In case you missed that, I said LIVE.  LIVE REMIXING !

The Traktor F1 is also getting a wave of haters due to its exclusivity to the Traktor software scenario.  There have been many setups in the past few years that involve other remix setups to a software based Ableton Live, but Native Instruments, the makers of Traktor have brought it all together in marvelous fashion.  When you get a chance, see all the videos out there, and there will be tons more to come that will leave you speechless.  To get started, you will need a few bucks, but in the end, you will do things in minutes that took hours upon hours in the studios; back in tha day.

The Traktor F1 ($249)

uh… there’s no eject button here…

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