Jimi Hendrix will be played by rapper Andre 3000

In case you haven’t heard, rapper Andre 3000 of Outkast will be playing Jimi Hendrix in the upcoming film All is By My Side, which chronicles the apex of his career going from opening for The Monkees to a thunder of monstrous booing by mindless teenage girls to tearing the living shit out of Woodstock, The Montreaux Jazz Festival and a multitude of live venues that made him God of the electric guitar.  Don’t worry Mr. James Taylor, you have the rights to God of the acoustic guitar.  Never mind that whole Gypsy Kings babble…

I don’t think he’ll be as good as Jamie Foxx as Ray Charles, but if the movie gets real dark and deep, it should be very interesting and psychedelic.  As you may know, Jimi got no love in NYC, so he took his skills across the Atlantic.  Funny how things never change in music!

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