I am not making this shit up!

Here is where I draw the line with comedy and smut.  Is a porno really supposed to be a parody or a feeble attempt at fulfilling some weird childhood fantasy fetish of watching  your favorite action heroes in tights getting it on with each other.  I hope people take their porn with an ounce of seriousness.  Isn’t that the whole idea…

In this star studded world, acting is king of course, as the tanned and buffed heroes of Spring Break and Girls Gone Wild take a stab at stardom in a lackluster production that is to good to be just called a skin flick.  Note: I couldn’t care less if these “stars” are from either of these two video franchises.  So here you are, your parents sent you to college to get noticed by some overweight men with cameras, motel keys, and a checkbook.  Do these people actually think this is a career?  An Avengers porn.  I hope this shit stops fast.  P-LEASE.  Do not fuck with the comics.  Puppets and fairy tales, I understand, but not this.

Note: I don’t wanna come off as racist, but shouldn’t the actor playing the part of Nick Fury be the star here, or is that just a myth?

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