E Sports: the Olympics for couch potatoes

A massive scene is a risin’ on the 2 dimensional front where circuits and circuits of competitive video game junkies are pulling the punches in what appears to be a coveted title in the ultimate battle of the buttons, known as E Sports.   In the final showdown, the Intel Extreme Masters,  crowds gather to watch the best of the best conquer their favorite video game title while comfortably seated in front of a keyboard and a flatscreen TV, coupled with a gamer headset.  Wired is an understatement here as teams and teams of passionate virtual soldiers from all over the globe (probably the ONLY thing that’s real here), with Doritos and sippy cup in hand, take the helm in front the bright LED screens and fire away for bragging rights, a silver trophy, money, cyber endorsements, and pseudo legendary fame- as long the electricity bills are paid.

This is a crazy world we live in, but don’t be surprised if the military winds up recruiting these guys for futuristic robotic warfare.  In other words, this shit could actually slither its way on to some teens resume in the form of virtual military training.  There is always going to be some fucked up use for this strange cyber talent, so kids will be dragging their parents to Game Stop instead of The Sports Authority.  Sad but true.  We have come a long way from Donkey Kong and Pac Man.


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