Traktor Kontrol F1 drops in May for $249- NIce!

Here it is.  Another toy to add to your weapons arsenal that totally seals the fate of controllerism in the hands of the DJ.  All these color pads will morph the DJ into a live remix productionist allowing the control of many parts or snippets of a track in a production scenario rather than just mixing 2-4 decks simultaneously.  The Ableton Live approach, called remix decks, integrated in Traktor will arm the DJ with much more power and creativity.  Each song chosen can be set to record mode and then loaded as a remix.  Native Instruments plans to launch some user friendly tutorial videos that will clarify things a bit better than I will, but you gotta love the design on this baby.

As I preached a while ago, the future of DJing will definitely go modular, so it’s really any hardware-makers playing field.  The extra pouches on those gig bags will sure come in handy!

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