New Grammy ad features a DJ

There it is.  A first.  A DJ named Skrillex is on the sides of buses and on giant billboards advertising the 54th Annual Grammy Awards.  I think with the latest buzz on Simon Cowells’s new move to spotlight DJs on X-Factor, DJing is about to come full circle.  So all that old DMC battle footage lingering in your closet will now be officially archival as this nearly 50 year old artform finally takes plight to get the recognition it deserves in the mainstream.  If you have been following my posts, Skrillex represents the new breed of DJ known as a controllerist.  His setup does not have any turntables, just a bunch of midi controllers and a laptop, but he still falls under the category of DJ.  His sets also do not rely heavily on beat matching for those long transitional blends, made famous in house and techno, but he manages to combine various styles of music in a matter of minutes while keeping the crowd pumped and mindless.  Hey, I never said he’s the best, but you gotta give the boy his props!

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