Get ready folks! The future of DJing is modular.

See this mess.  It represents the future of DJing.  Companies like Mawzer, Livid, Alesis and more are putting out smaller modular controllers that can be combined to create the ultimate customized  controller. It represents the individualism that will distinguish one DJ from the next in the performance arena, and it takes the art of contollerism to even more heights.

Although it will be more costly in the long run, it will help startup DJs attain a basic minimal setup to get up and started.  One huge advantage is that if a button or fader goes out, you don’t have to replace the entire controller.  Just pop out the faulty module and get a new one, or replace it with another one that fits the bill.

Now all they need is a modular CPU and a small LED screen to take the place of the laptop.  Just give it a few months -you’ll see!

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