RUN DMC (JMJ) 25th Anniversary Adidas Superstars

Not just your average Superstars:  a Jam Master Jay homage on the back, My Adidas printed on the tongue, a phat-gold-chain trinket  on the lower lace and no tricks in ’86- the year it all happened for the old skool duo…

The box is just a reminder of how branded their name is to the 3 stripes at a mere 25 years and counting.

I would really hate to wear these out.  They are just too commemorative to hit the pavement.  But, they would be great for a photo shoot with an ominous boombox in one hand and a peace sign gesture with the other.   Where is that damned sheepskin coat!!!

Adidas, YOU ROCK!  Thanks for giving us 25 years of a classic, and many respects to the trio of hip-hop that rocked them and transformed hip-hop into what it is today.

NOTE: An honorable mention to Grandmaster Flash and the furious five, but just what is up with those outfits?

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