Wtf Mr. Lucas?- “Nooooooooo??”

As you may have heard by now from the nearest Star Wars fan that September will be a special time to bask in jedi-dom because all six film are coming out on a blu-ray boxed set.

Mr. Lucas, the creator, decided to throw some more enhancements to this new special-special edition.

Oh, they are minor, but one in particular is snowballin’ by the day as his biggest fopah since introducing the world to that tropical, yet annoying, amphibian Jar Jar Binks.

So how does he decide to end the greatest sci-fi epic: by softening up Darth Vader while his son, Luke Skywalker, gets jolted by the evil emperor Palpatine at the climax of Return of The Jedi, episode VII.  We are treated to a cry from the dark side that totally defies his cool; “No… nooooooooooooo!!!!” (watch the clip)

I watched this scene about six times and I hate the “noooooooooo!”  It just is a bit overdone, but I do get the connection.  You see, at the end of episode III, he learns that his wife died giving birth to twins, so he screams in anger: “nooooooooooo”

George, I think we all get the connection, but this one modification will piss millions of fans off in all the galaxies far, far away.  So as you are laughing all the way to the bank, I hope you realize that you are fucking with greatness… yours!

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