Katt Williams: is he a patriot or just mad and pissed off at Mexicans?

I love my comedy raw, dirty and merciless, so when do you draw the line with being politically correct?  I hate that fucking phrase anyway…

Let’s face it, Americans are pissed off and broke, so is Mr. Williams rolling that  up in a ball and taking it out on those hoards of foreigners that walk around with a minimum wage job, ten credit cards and a wad of cash. (And, I mean a big fuckin’ wad!) I don’t know about you, but I see it all the time and it does makes me sick and leaves a bad taste in my mouth.   In his case, it’s the Mexicans that LOVE Mexico and HATE the United States.  I know everyone originally fell off some boat at some time but there’s this thin line called a border that is part of the big picture called the divide and conquer scenario.  We took Texas and California away from them, so I guess they’re pissed too…

So you have to ask yourself, are we racist, or do we just hate seeing people from other countries and cultures showing up at our door over and over and over and over with their excess baggage in one hand and with one foot out the door.  Do you love your country enough to stand for this sort of thing, or are you just being passive aggressive about the whole damn thing?

Yeah, I think he went a little too far with the whole Mexican thing, but I think he could have been a little more creative about it rather than targeting some Tejano in the audience that was not putting up with his shit.

He did apologize, but he is a professional getting paid to perform, so I guess no matter what he says, his career will pay the price one way or another, and he will have to watch his back and pay his bodyguards more loot to protect his ass…  So, excuse me if I laughed the whole way through the entire ordeal.  There- I said it.

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