You wish you could be like Mike…

In the shadow of another NBA season winding down, it is always important to reconcile the importance of an icon, legend and master in the game of basketball.  The mere silhouette of number 23 has branded the slam dunk to a global marketing empire with the most depth defining word that also symbolizes his magestic flight: “air”

There will always be a future Jordanesque figure to enter the scene and resuscitate the game’s popularity in the hopes of filling the shoes of his airness, but to no avail, there are so many other factors to consider when sizing anyone to the man named Michael Jordan.

Jordan was basically a force, and he masterminded the ability to turn it on when it was needed the most.  But, most importantly, he also had the remarkable ability to share and distribute that same force among his teammates who played on the floor with him, and when you look back at how much he accomplished in so little time (include his absence for nearly a season for personal personal tragedy and another year devoted to a swing at major league baseball…) he might just stand out as the ONLY NBA player that does not need to be remembered by mere numbers and stats.

He stepped up the game.  He stepped up the look, and most of all, he made everyone else step up their game.

The man was simply amazing.  And he towered over anyone in the game merely by his iconic passion and presence.

Please… don’t dare to compare.

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