Beyonce “new” performance… yeah right!

I know there are a ton of Beyonce fans out there that are mystified by her creative “aura,” but as you can see in this clip, her “brilliant” “breakthrough performance” at the Billboard awards, which was actually a little vehicle to promote her crappy new single (and trust me…. it is crappy indeed!) “Run The world (girls) was not at all original in concept, but a copycat performance of a extremely similar concept by an artist called Lorella Cuccarini.

Beyonce refers to her brilliant little gesture as an inspiration, but in my book there is a huge difference between inspiration and copycat thievery.  A person who holds that much honor and generates so much revenue can clearly come up with an original idea, but what’s funny is that this performance by the original artist Lorella Cuccarini was done on TV in Italy or Europe less than a year ago.  Somebody needs to pull the sprinkler system on her three ring circus.  I will not knock her performance at the Billboard Awards, but it clearly illustrates how cynical American culture can be by adhering to her cult pop crap status symbol.

My colleague and I viewed the comparison video, and we both agreed that we will never want to hear that miserable crap again.

Oh… by the way, in case you can’t tell, Beyonce is on the left.

Warning: It Sucks!

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