Lego concept replica of the first Sony Walkman needs your votes

An icon of the entire portable music generation, way before the proliferation of Apple’s IPod, users were frantically rummaging through their entire cassette collection while trying to decide which one will be taken along for the commute to school or work. Back then this was an insane level of luxury, and the Sony Walkman, among some other competitive brands, started a Walkman revolution that eventually led to the Discman, which was for compact discs (CDs). Music at your fingertips…

So there’s a concept pitch on the Lego Ideas website by a Lego-er named Jerac that replicates the first model Sony Walkman, the WM-22.

You can support this amazing concept by just clicking the “support” button on the right. HERE is the link to the page. What I would love to see is a Lego build with an actual Mp3 player in it, but that may take take some unwanted engineering and may involve some batteries in the mix.

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