Nike Paul George Sony Playstation Kicks


I don’t know why Sony ditched the light grey for black with their Playstation consoles.  They did make a throwback 20th Anniversary PS4 that sold like hotcakes and is hailed as a massive collector’s piece, but NBA baller Paul George has contributed his share for the Playstaion branding when he collaborated with Nike in late November of 2018 to release his ode to home videogaming in the form of footwear, the Nike PG 2.5 x PlayStation ($150+).  It also comes in black and royal blue, and are profusely listed on EBay, if you need a pair, but it doesn’t end there, there is also a matching Nike PG Playstation Backpack ($175)


ps4-buy-20th-anniversary- screen-04-ps4-eu-05aug15

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