World’s largest retro videogame collection

Screen Shot 2018-09-18 at 6.01.02 PM

This 120 minute, nearly insane, video encompasses an Aussie man’s mega-insane collection of retro video games, ranging from every name in-console you can think of.  Shit, there’s even a Commodore 64 & Amiga section- all BOXED !   His massive chamber of chips at first glance appears to be inside of an old Blockbuster Video location, nestled up in layers and layers of  retro consoles and titles, but my eyes felt like they were playing tricks on me by the 30-minute mark when he kept moving from aisle to aisle, taking me back to my forgotten years of 8-bit gaming.  Not only has he managed to possess most of the original titles, but he has also managed to pin down ultra rare versions of consoles. This retro gaming room beats down anything I have ever witnessed, and I want to be his friend… like now!

This sole claims that he has amassed this insane collection by merely nothing more than sheer devotion and lots and lots and lots of “hard work.”  I mean, even Pablo Escobar couldn’t amass a Columbian wonderland of retro games like this guy has!  Hard work, drug lord, or did he win the lottery?  You be the judge.  I hope he’s got some hefty property insurance.

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