Every Best Picture (winner)

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I am a movie kinda guy.  TV shows are cool, but every story gets sprawled out into an entire season, and in some instances, very little happens in the span of twelve-plus hours.  You sit there given two choices in life: binge watch the entire season with the Visine near the night table, or watch an episode at a time, in real time, every week, religiously.  Well I say, who’s got time for all that?  Well, it looks like a shitload of people do… But with a few hundred channels out there, there’s just too many choices for my brain to process.  A good example:  Westworld.  Great reboot, but man did it drag!  Oh, and there’s a second season…

This is why I’m a firm believer that anything and everything to tell a story should happen in three hours or less.  On a screen at least.  Movies are like a sentence as TV shows are like a paragraph.  All the best quotes in life are sentences.  People forget paragraphs, but they will always remember a sentence.  That’s why I love a good movie!  And if it’s really interesting and epic, then I would like to order a trilogy, please!  Three is enough.  Three.  Anything past that is pushing it.  Right, Rocky ?!!!!

Here is a awesome video of every Best Picture that won an Oscar.  When watching, you can easily spot the hits and misses, along with some shocking surprises (Shakespeare in Love ?… eh hum…)  It does do a remarkable job at being a time capsule for our beloved but troubled civilization that honors, or more so, celebrates a century of celluloid.

My pick for this year’s honorees is Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.  If it doesn’t win for Best Picture, it should at least get an Oscar for Worst Movie Title.  Oh, and since I have the podium, I thought the critics over-thrashed and brutalized Murder On The Orient Express.  I thought it was brilliantly done, especially for a remake.  I mean why trust critics these days- 93% on Rotten Tomatoes for The Last Jedi, which should win an Oscar for Worst Disappointment.  Case closed.


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