The Last Jedi, Rant Compilation


It would only be a matter of time before all the hatred oozes out from lifelong Star Wars fans.  Most of my friends treated me as the canary in the coal mine with Episode 8 when I got my opening night tickets, but when I stormed out from the cinema doors frustrated and feeling robbed on opening night, the warning flares were fired around midnight to keep my friends and loved ones away, very far away, from this misguided mistake, hoping Disney would cite a recall for an amended version.  But that’s just a fucking wishful fairy tale…

Since then, within my circle of friends, there has been a long lull since December 15th, but that did not stop hoards of You Tube dwellers from chiming in to smear their wet hot steaming dung all over the halls of Disney for their drunk-driving approach at screwing up a much highly anticipated chapter to the Star Wars saga that was a follow up to a cloned version of Episode IV by JJ Abrams.   … I guess I don’t feel so alone any longer?

There must be a thousand of these hate posts out there, but I think it’s pretty entertaining to see a rant compilation such as this one paint a picture of the overall fan resentment towards The Last Jedi.  Enjoy:

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