Note: new Denon DJ Prime series is a SICKASS setup !

Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 10.45.22 PM

Sickass in a positive sense!

I have not posted any DJ tech items in a while, but I just came across this new system by Denon SC5000 Prime ($1900 ea.), and I am pretty mesmerized with the interface and its nocturnal friendly design.  It departs a bit from the typical CDJ fixture in terms of midi functionality, still maintains the feel of playing on a tangible platter, but still looks and behaves like a CDJ.  The color scheme screams out welcome to the future, and the mixer keeps it simple, although I do like my channel faders a little  f  u  r  t  h  e  r   apart.  The screen is what does it; seven inches, I mean, what more could you want to roll with more without a laptop?  I have always admired Denon quality, and I think this will infiltrate most clubs and high-end DJ setups in the years to come.

Watch the video, but be prepared, the price tag is ginormous… ($5K)


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