Conceptual Adidas “Roland 808” Kicks


Honoring drum machines in the form of kicks is truly amazing to me as a DJ.  These machines: SP-1200, Roland 909, Roland 808, Akai MPC-1000 have given us the most iconic and memorable club tracks for decades, so why not design a line of kicks to honor these wonderful machines that have made so many careers.  I saw this post on DJWorx and I wanna drop some props their way- thanks.

Please ADIDAS, come out with this concept ! ! !

Of course, before you go scouring on EBay, these are just concepts, so contact Adidas or Nike and spread the word.  This would be so awesome.  If they made kicks for Sony Playstation, I’m sure drum machines are around the corner…

DJs will go ape-shit.


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