Get a nice glimpse of the future of DJing

tractor hybrid

See that?  No CDJs !  Look carefully, that is not the controls of a nuclear power plant.  It is Native Instruments at it again.

Native Instruments (NI) is a hardware and software developer of some of the most amazing DJ products for the past decade.  My DJ Rio mixes are all powered by NI products.  This setup features four NI controllers, a mac laptop, and a pretty amazing mixer called the Model 1 ($3,000) from a company called Playdifferently.  It allows for up to six channels live with built in effects.  Still, though, you don’t really need it if you ask me.  You can get by with a inexpensive Mackie 8 channel mixer.   Aside from the mixer, you can view all the other NI products here.

Ask yourself, where is DJing going?  In my eyes, you are seeing it here.  Live remixing and producing.  You can even hear his 2 hour set at the second jump.

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