Throwback Computerland commercials


Growing up on the East coast, there weren’t much retail choices to shop for computers.  I remember the Commodore 64, that crappy brand name Tandy, courtesy of those marketing geniuses at Radio Shack, and some post-2600 Atari models, but most of all, besides witnessing a meteoric company like Atari meltdown at the mercy of a voracious PC market, these creepy looking machines were still pretty poppin’ for the crib and built like tanks for about a thousand bucks or less.  The games sucked.  The speeds sucked.  The printers sucked.  Having to utilize your CRT television as a monitor was at best a downright insult, but it was still ranked as the apex of cutting edge computer technology for the consumer and the closest thing to having the flexibility of gaming, word processing, and running a business in a metal box .  Enjoy this little time capsule reel (that should have been edited down a bit more efficiently) minus that suck job of a  narrator, or rather, pitch man for Computerland.  Another tech-chain that has vanished with the times.

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