Vocaless, Mariah’s New Year’s Eve masterful performance


I have seen a few historic meltdowns in my day, but this one will not get away from me.

Most people, like myself, leave the TV on autopilot to drink and be merry on New Year’s Eve minutes away from the midnight countdown, but as I took a bite of my antipasto piecemeal, I couldn’t help but notice her flesh-colored translucent outfit that made her look stark naked to any vulnerable drunken party goer.  So OK, Mariah had me at hello, with what looked like a porn star taking the stage to give an acceptance speech at an annual Adult Film Award show, but wait…  it looked as though she was supposed to be performing, you know- SINGING!   I have heard of audio latency issues with digital TV, but I noticed that she was casually chattering to the crowd while her hit song “Emotion” was playing in the back.  Then came her high-pitched prerecorded squeals that sent dogs running wild during the climax of the song.  I could not believe my eyes.  Mariah has succumbed to lip-syncing, and of all days, New Year’s Eve.

What she attempted to shrug off as audio technical issues (which I’m not buying by the way) was the most arrogant no show of talent I have ever seen grace prime time television.  This was no accident, wardrobe malfunction, or mistake.  She appeared to be too good for a spotlight in front of millions, including the swarm of people that waited behind the police-line barricades to watch the ball drop.  No one should have the gall to blow a gig this big.  TOTAL FAIL.  Enough to lose your career over in my book.

Enjoy the video before they pull it down for “copyright infringement.”

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