Framed Tech turn retired gaming hardware into displayable art


screen-shot-2016-12-04-at-2-16-11-pmHome gaming will be close to 50 years old in the years to come.  In 1972, a company called Magnavox sold a game system called Odyssey.  It flopped, but the revolution of gaming didn’t slow down from then onward.  From handhelds to 3D goggles we have hit the American Pickers threshold with nostalgic electronica creeping around in our attics and garages.  Yes, grandpa used to go to the arcade with quarters and downed 12oz. cans of Coke and Dew as he stayed glued to his 12 inch TV set with his blistered thumbs as he fought to get to the NEXT level….

A couple of cats from a little endeavor called Framed Tech have relished in the beauty of obsolescence by taking our favorite devices and transitioning them into wall art by the process of disassembling them right down to their core innards for all to see, displayed on a pretty nifty framed backdrop.  I don’t know the price of each piece, but I’m sure you could probably make one on your own, but I gotta drop the props for their ingenuity.



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