That’s no turbine. It’s a boombox.


Did someone say BOOMBOX ?  Pyle has just delivered the most weaponized arsenal to pound your beats to a pulp, a thousand watts later.  The Pyle Street Blaster X ($290) will get you noticed and labeled as a street scum nuisance, but you will be heard as you snivel with laughter!


  • High Output 1000 Watt Full Range Stereo Speaker System
  • (2) Wireless Audio Streaming Options: Bluetooth & NFC Technology
  • Bluetooth Allows Instant Wireless Audio Streaming
  • Bluetooth Works with Enabled iPods, MP3 Players, Tablets, PCs, etc.
  • NFC (Near Field Communication) Easily Pairs to Android Devices
  • USB Audio Recording: Save Bluetooth or Radio via Flash Drive
  • Rugged, Portable and High-Powered Speaker Housing
  • Smart Engineered Design for Maximum Bass Response and Performance
  • Built-in Digital Amplifier & Rechargeable Battery
  • LCD Digital Display and Touch Button Controls
  • FM Radio with EQ Audio Configuration
  • LED, Connectivity and Battery Level Indicator Lights
  • Audio Configuration Settings: Adjust Treble, Bass, Echo, Volume, Mic & Guitar Levels
  • Inputs: Microphone, Guitar, AUX-Input & DC Power Jack
  • Aux (3.5mm) Input for Connecting iPod, MP3 Players, Tablets, etc.
  • Stream Your Favorite Internet Radio Services like Pandora or Spotify via Bluetooth
  • Blinking/Strobing Illuminating LED Lights Pulse to Music
  • File Compatibility: Plays Your Favorite MP3 and WMA Files
  • DC Charging/Power Adaptor Cable Included










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