The Roddenberry Vault Blu-Ray


Any Star Trek fan you encounter most likely has the Star Trek collections of films or TV shows either individually or in box sets.  This little 3-disc addendum piece due out in December will be the perfect bookend to snuggle its way into your Trekkie film library.  The Star Trek: The original Series – The Roddenberry Vault ($ TBA) features plenty of lost behind-the-scenes footage from the Original Series that has just been unearthed to Trekkie fans of all ages.  We can sit and argue about Kirk vs.Picard, but we all know who broke the cipher in Space: the final frontier…   [Kirk-thank you]


Damn you Kirk!

Fans will get to see some pretty heavy smiles and laughs from Spock (Leonard Nimoy) as he flawlessly vows to redo takes in and out of character, and there’s also a lot of weird ass footage from the rest of the Enterprise bunch as they gaze upon Kirk as he does what he does always, steal …the… show.  The compilation of all the behind-the-scenes footage is complimented with 12 classic episodes that have been remastered  [Remastered -Aren’t you sick of that word?!!!] to make sense of it all.

If you already own the remastered Original Series, and if you’re not an anal Trekkie, you might want to pass, but I’m a sucker for archival footage, and I treasure all things that compliment my movie vault.  Not much of a vault now that I think about it.


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