Stock X: The Stock Market For Sneakers

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 6.31.47 PM

It appears that more and more collectors are looking for standards among websites to gauge the value of their private collection, so why sell your entire “lot” on E-Bay when you can find a dedicated site that specializes in your market of choice and keeps track of their individual prices on a day to day basis, kinda of like a stock market without stocks, right?

Along comes Stock X, the stock market dedicated to the awe and spectacle of sneakers.  Where Lebrons meet Jordans and those obscure back-in-the-day brand names may actually have a growing market.  If you have boxes piling up in various corridors of your abode, you can actually audit what your collection is worth without even posting it up for sale, but don’t be surprised if you get offers from anonymous buyers.  Stock X maintains your portfolio of kicks and gives you a real time price quote of what your sneaker collection is worth, pound for pound.

Oh yeah, one important footnote:  Stock X actually verifies the authenticity of each kick posted.

It might be time to raid that closet.

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