This is why I love music- the stories behind them


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Yeah, where’s MTV now?  There is so much retro-goodness going on with the glory days of the music business being glorified, one snort at a time, with the latest shows like The Get Down and Vinyl, and then there’s the movies:  Inside Lleweyn Davis, Taking Woodstock, Ray, Get On Up, and my favorite of favorites, Almost Famous (aka Untitled).  If that didn’t sweeten the deal on your televised education of sonics, there’s always those fabulous documentaries that will always remain timeless.

So I ask, where the hell is MTV these days?  They have embraced the glitter of social media and have provided the masses with the gutter of wasteful broadcasting, led by a mindless cast of egocentric reality nobodies;  a far cry from what made them get to the bank in the first place.  I WANT MY MTV!  Get back to your roots man and stop creating offshoot music channels to replace what your station was all about in the first place-music, real music!

So who would have thought that PBS, -YES!  PBS!  [FREE TV! NO CABLE REQUIRED!], would step up to the plate and deliver what appears to be a very interesting series called Soundbreaking.  A show that chronicles the ups, downs, and creative endeavors that helped define the creative process for  some of the most iconic production geniuses, or shall I say the musical production game changers that expanded their respected genres.

But most of all, it’s all about the stories behind the music and most especially the songs.  Sound familiar?  “Behind-The-Music…”  Gather ’round the campfire y’all and get ready to get mesmerized.

Simple: I wanna know how they did what they did, and all the shit they had to put up with to get it all packaged and sold.

Coming soon to channel 13.  I cannot wait to watch.

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