Kung Fu Trailers of Fury (Blu-Ray)


Screen shot 2016-02-23 at 11.57.52 PM

Remembah those Saturday afternoons when channel 5 used to show all those B-martial arts movies horribly dubbed?  I do, and though I cannot commit to a 2 hour movie plot, I will preserve my pornographic attitude and frolic in the pleasures of cheap thrills in the form of shorts.  Kung Fu Trailers of Fury (Blu-Ray $25) does just that.  It is a compendium of those stick-cracking chops and smacks that fall short of Crouching Tiger and Enter The Dragon, but manage to be just as entertaining as ever to the magic of horribly overdubbed martial arts action movies. You can always hit the mute button and pair it with some Wu-Tang Clan for that 36-chamber epic background music.

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