Tacopedia Book


Another Phaidon bible.  Tacos can never miss.  They can be shaped to indulge the peckish of diners, ranging from vegans to junk food junkies.  They can be appetizers or lined up as entrées.  You can eat one now, chill, and have another one a bit later.  They’re great cold or straight off the stovetop, but my favorite component is the range of salsa sauces coupled with some modest droppings of hot sauce, which is what really starts the show. There’s nothing like keeping an arsenal of hot sauces to tempt your guests to get on a backseat ride with the devil.  I am not gonna sit here and spill historic facts about this wonderful treat, but you might wanna check out this really cool book, Tacopedia ($30).

It features some pretty cool recipes for tacos and salsas, and you can read about all the robust facts about the most brilliant evolution of flavors from around the globe slipped into a corn rolled tortilla.

Screen shot 2016-02-16 at 9.07.52 PMScreen shot 2016-02-16 at 9.08.13 PM

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