Stretch and Bobbito: Radio That Changed Lives



OK, I am a bit late on this, but a weekly NYC underground radio show that exposes the hidden raw musical talents to the rest of the world was a road  I was on for nearly a decade when I did WNYU’s FM late night romp, The Candystore Show, with my old partner TO Sweet.

Although we primarily focused on house music -you pretty much get the picture: would-be superstars would roll in and out of your weekly radio show, do a live drop or two, become multi-platinum selling artists, tour the world, have their likenesses on shirts and mugs etc., rise to their peak, slide back down to reality, and find their asses back in your studio for a return interview and still be absorbed by the underground music community.

Well at the time, the only format of music that was garnering that flashpoint of success was Hip-Hop, but house music, or rather Electronic Dance Music (EDM), as it’s popularly known to be, would undergo that same phenomenon about a decade later…

For Hip-Hoppers, there was the Stretch and Bobbito Show.  Now they of course WERE NOT the only underground Hip-Hop radio show, but this is their story, chronicled together as a documentary.  It not only represents Hip-Hop but more so the enigmatic assembly line of musical talent that defined NYC as the official headquarters for rising artists, before they conquered the rest of the world.

For us radio jocks, WE WORKED IT EVERY WEEK!  For me, there were no paychecks except for the beauty of having someone pull out their old cassette tape out from their shoebox with your name up in the mix: PRICELESS!

The doc, Stretch and Bobbito: Radio That Changed Lives ($4.99&up)  is available for rental or download




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