Make the ultimate cinematic selfie with the Osmo


While everyone is combing the trails or base jumping with their GoPro camera, you might want to see what this amazing device is capable of doing, even though they already make a steadicam add-on accessory for the GoPro, so if you already own a GoPro camera. (you might be better off with getting the GoPro steadicam upgrade device.) 

The DJI Osmo X3, pictured, ($649) is a completely integrated motion-stabilized 4K steadicam system.  It runs on a rechargeable battery, utilizes your smartphone to run its own app for complete control, creates its own wi-fi hotspot to connect directly to your device, and it can turn any situation into a cinematic masterpiece.  Does it pull anything from your phone you ask?  Not really… aside from the app’s usage of your battery life, it runs on it’s own micro SD card that can be upgraded to your liking, so it won’t fiddle with your phone’s on board memory.  The camera is also detachable for drone use.  Check out the video to get an idea the big picture of what this little sucker can do.

One reviewer did however complain about the fan noise on the back of the lens, but I believe the best fix may be to add an external microphone, but as a hefty setback as that may sound,  I think you’ll be pretty blown away with the results.  If you want more detail and an upscale picture quality, you can opt for the topline X5 R model for a mere $5,500.  Did I hear someone say upgrade?


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