I always read the articles !


In a somewhat of a retroactive manner, Playboy has decided to drop the minimal smuttiness that they have been perfecting for decades.  Yes, Hef and company have ditched the Viagra -no more extensive nudity… There may be a breast or two as they promise to continue to feature some lovely ladies doing some “provoctive” womanly poses (keepin’ it real on the Euro vibe), but they have decided to focus more on journalistic content even though a picture still says a thousand words.  Shit-  I can’t remember the last time I even grazed through an issue.  With all the HD glory that the internet has to offer on a steady Wi-fi signal, it seems a bit more grounded of Playboy to transcend into a full blown gentlemanly publication laden with interesting and well written articles that have always been a bridesmaid to the monthly centerfolds that have flourished along many auto repair shop walls.   Perverts begone, look elsewhere!

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