Scare the shit out of everyone


As Halloween steadfastly approaches, docile dogs need to get in on a taste of the action.  This video made my ass laugh so hard that I must have pulled a muscle or two near my rib cage.  If you’re searching for a taste of some quiet horrific serenity on the cusp of sheer terror, while chillin’ at the local dog park, then this pet accessory may be for your sick, tainted mind.  Yes, now you can turn that Irish Terrier or that innocent little French Poodle into a beast of the night with the Werewolf Dog Muzzle ($TBA) ,currently available through some dingy Russian website, which I dare not relinquish my credit details to…

With a proper fit, they are destined to terrorize any living being within ten feet of those blood stained fangs, but your little canine pal may not be as entertained as you and your friends while they try to make sense of your vicious fits of laughter while lock-jawed.  Happy Halloween.

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