Who I would’ve liked to see cast as the new Ghostbusters


It’s already been set in stone and the the new Ghostbusters remake is all set to drop in 2016 with a four woman ghost-busting team comprised of Leslie Jones, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon, and Kristen Wiig.  But in my own little world, here are the actors that I would have loved to see reprise the original roles from the timeless 1984 classic.

First and foremost, there’s Bill Murray’s role of Dr. Peter Venkman.  He needs to be borderline machismo with a mix of nerd, creep, with a flair for getting laid.

My choice: Vince Vaughn as Dr. Peter Venkman

dr venkman

Next is Dan Akroyd’s character as Dr. Raymond Stantz.  Has to be nerdy, quirky, borderline burnout with the ability to sputter out every scientific theory that involves the supernatural in such a convincing manner.

My choice: Ed Helms as Dr. Raymond Stantz.

dr stantz

Then there’s the legendary Harold Ramis’ character as Dr. Egon Spengler.  I am gonna change it up a bit and do away with the whole straight man schtick.  You see, I need to laugh my ass off, so I’d like to envision a heavy set, bumbling nerd, with the ability to wreck havoc while getting slimed, and busting through walls.  Who better than the mall cop himself !

My choice: Kevin James as Dr. Ergon Spengler


Next up is the 4th wheel of the team, the fourth Ghostbuster known as Winston Zeddmore, played by Ernie Hudson.  Here is where I cross the plane of the sexes and bring a very hilarious woman of color in the mix, whom I know could pull it off pretty damn easily.

My choice: Octavia Spencer in the role as the Winston Zeddmore character


Now for the leading lady.  Sigourney Weaver’s character Dana Barrett.  She has to be a tad sexy, a bit older, but not too old.  She also has to be a bit over the top on being possessed by an evil spirit, so I would love to see a devilish actress, heavy on the natural beauty and hauntingly brilliant.

My choice: Marion Cotilliard as Dana Barrett

dana barrett

And last but not least, the ever loving loser geek accountant character known as Louis Tulley, played by Rick Moranis.  We all know his type, a swinging bachelor lives down the hall and annoys the shit out of everyone but can’t get laid.  He has to be recklessly funny, has to steal the movie, and has to be a 40 year old virgin.  Yeah – you guessed it!

My choice: Steve Carell as Louis Tulley


Well there it is.  My dream cast for a remake of the Ghostbusters.  I could have been a contender in the casting business…

Anyway, here is a pic from the upcoming Ghostbusters remake slated to drop in 2016.


I know- it pales in comparison to my vision.

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