Max Tohline breaks it down as I rant away…

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I have hundreds of DVDs/Blu-Rays, and the extras or supplemental materials do not even come close to the analysis presented by film buff and media teachings of Max Tohline.  Here, he breaks down the climactic scene in The Good, the Bad, And The Ugly, just to demonstrate how the magic of editing is a timeless artform that can never be calibrated to the advances in technology.

As I stare down at my film collection, I wish they would incorporate more of these subtle lessons in the language of film as “extras” in all their classic movie re-issues or bullshit remastered “Special Editions.”  Most of the usual extras have a tendency to follow a pretty fixed pattern that include the Director’s commentary, which can be at times mundane and drawn out to meet the length of the film.  They are usually just filler audio that can seriously be enjoyed at a 30% success rate in my opinion.  Then you have the “outtakes” and for most cheesy comedies the “gag reels,” which are also not as exciting to watch because the audio can be off at times, and the addendum scenes explicate the all too subtle nuances that draw the viewer away from the film’s plot.  And you also get the “making of” presentation that is the cornerstone of all the extras materials at large;  the main event where we have a few junkets blended in with some production footage along with some cut-n-paste interviews that are clearly not intended for the film buff, aficionado or film student.  They are clearly designed for most mainstream audiences who mostly don’t even give a flying fuck about extras.

I hope all the studio execs read this and wonder why you shouldn’t just put out a film release with no added extras or uninteresting mediocre ones at best.  Maybe that’s why everyone has got hit with the download bug and possibly why movie disc sales are excruciatingly low as the bitter dollar falls flat at the register.  I don’t even buy the whole “we didn’t have the enough budget thing” as they spend away millions to promote a film online and on TV but can’t raise enough funds to do what Criterion (a movie release company that does all their homework) does at a much inflated price for a disc release.

It is ever so important to breakdown the visual dynamics and the contrasting allegorical embodiment of the film while we all watch and chew down our popcorn and sodas to enjoy the show. To see this type of breakdown in an example made here for a final two minute scene in The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly, made me appreciate the work of Sergio Leone even more so than I ever did.  WHAT IS WRONG WITH OPENING EVERYONE’S EYES TO THE MINDSET AND VISIONS OF A GREAT DIRECTOR !!!!

I thank you Mr. Tohline for taking the time and the work to appreciate the works of the masters of film and, most of all, to pontificate the steamy little details, shot for shot.  You have a lot of work ahead of you as we all passionately await your intricate form in the dissection of cinema, and I hope you get a handful of phone calls from these ignorant studio house execs to see your work get added onto official releases!


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