Some of my favorite club songs of all time and their terribly sad, whack, low-budget music videos !!!

Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 1.11.29 PM

A prom dress and neon lights with minimalism just doesn’t cut it Frida!

The radio version of this song cuts out some key emulator riffs in the climactic pool scene that just falls short of a Michael Jackson “Beat It” outtake.

Really?  Standing in rainy winter evening with outlaw motorcycles flickering their shit in the mist!!!

Man that is low budget.  It would be nice if the kid actually had some real skills with his moves, and I think those people are actually trying to catch their train.  Hey !  Pay your fare !!!

I can’t tell if its a mascara commercial or a night in the sanitarium.  Flappy coats seem like straight jackets, and it takes minimalism to the stretches of low-budget.  German B-movie porno.

One of the most monumental Sommerville songs, and all they can muster up is getting coffee at a diner? 

I get the whole French or Italian film noire.  A bit of Goddard, but it kills the whole energy of the song.  Artsy or whack, I think we can all scream out the answer to this one.

A mixed up videographic sludge that should really be on a giant screen backdrop to a live performance while the mollies and the acid kick in on the concert goers, but for an “official” music video, it really falls short!

I don’t know what happened in the editing room, but I can only gather that there was a lot of weed or mushrooms.  Is she even singing in the video???

Welcome to da Bronx.  Let’s see… your third huge electronic hit that took the world by storm and redefined a generation of dance music, and we just don’t have the budget to send you somewhere iconic.  Bad accounting you say?  I dig the whole keeping-it-real-in-the-hood thingy, but it is low budget man…

Okay… I can’t knock the legendary Sylvester, but they could have done a little more somethin’ with this worldwide hit.  Talk about homophobia in the media!

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