9 million Scoville units means 9 times stronger than Ghost Pepper, and now for the 2 Guinea pigs!

Screen Shot 2015-06-05 at 12.46.33 AM

Capsaicin or capsicum is good for you, but not THAT good for you.  The little dufus on the right, will probably lose his tastebuds by the time he grows hair on his balls.  I can’t imagine why anyone would let a kid swipe the strongest pepper in the world along their tongue.  The shit is so hot, it’s not even a sauce, but a fireball of clay that will widen every pore in your body, and you can thank that cow for that handy glass of milk.  They call the pepper “Mad Dog 357 Plutonium” ($120 per bottle), and it will probably be toppled by some other extract that will probably hit the 10 million mark.  Watch the video and witness the splendor of taste bud torture.  Remember, it ain’t over until your bending over.  On the porcelain throne that is…


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