C.H.I.P. the $9 computer- really !


They call it CHIP for obvious reasons.  You get one CHIP with optional interfaces (HDMI, VGA) to utilize 1GHz of processing power 512 mb of RAM, and 4 GB of space that pretty much handles like a flash drive.  Is Dell and Microsoft rolling around in shame?  I don’t have a clue, but you get the C.H.I.P for $9, about the price of a drink.  And if that doesn’t give you cheap bastards enough bang your buck, it also comes quipped with built in WiFi and Bluetooth.  You will need a monitor, and I am sure that includes tablets.  There will probably be some hack for that.  These dudes also make PocketCHIP that will interface the CHIP into a cousin of the original Blackberry.


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