Paradise Garage Movie seeking help on Kickstarter


One day the masses will finally understand the importance of the Paradise Garage in the history of clubbing and dance music.  David Depino and Joey Llanos ask you to get down on the funding to help them tell the story of the world’s most prolific club, The Paradise Garage, whose resident DJ Larry Levan, changed the way the world clubbed to music.  You can view their page on the Kickstarter site: The Paradise Garage Story

4 thoughts on “Paradise Garage Movie seeking help on Kickstarter

  1. There are a few super old (early to mid nineties) tracks I’ve been trying to find, any online finder that is a good resource?
    One goes “Chicago, Chicago…what u wanna do in Chicago”
    Another one is “let’s get closer, closer than close can be” can’t find track anywhere.
    And for some reason Mateo & Matos have every track they’ve ever made EXCEPT for “NY Style” on spotify..

  2. Do u know the artist on chicago? The band Chicago keeps popping up. Don’t wanna hear “hard to say im sorry”.
    The closer song was mr fingers but thx anyway

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