Amazing modular macro lighting system !


Inspirations from nature are all around us.  Adaptalux ($TBA) is a modular LED lighting system that can either run off a camera’s hotshoe or can be placed on any surface separately.  It’s main role is to allow for a multitude of lighting effects dynamics to macro photography or videography that promises to cost way less than other options that are currently on the market.  Each arm, or rather tentacle, has a different color LED light, and the system also comes with a series of diffusers than can simulate various lighting effects.  See the video to learn about the system.  I recently saw a Sony macro kit that had an asking price of nearly $800, and all it came with was a bullshit little light and some plastic reticulated arms.


Also available, are more paneling options for various backdrop effects.  To get an idea of what’s in store for your macro needs, visit the Adaptalux Shop.


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