Earthlings Documentary


This is a tale of global animal cruelty.  I love food, meat.  I watch Anthony Bourdain paddle all over the world and sink his teeth into bite after bite of what the world’s underground kitchens have to offer, but every so often, you get reminded of that viscous blood-curdling machine called the meat industry, and its horrific servitude to the carnivorous demands of the many on a global scale.  I watch the protests for higher minimum wages from underpaid workers, including those who are amongst the fast food industry pirates.  I feel it only as fair for demanding higher wages, but at the same time, I can’t stand the architecture of those wrapped up balls of processed meat in those clever little marketing wrappers.  I love the flavor, but it comes at a price.  Fast food employees should really wise up and get out of that floundering business.  People are wising up to their lack of nutrition offerings and the poor quality of frozen meat that has amassed across the malls and towns around the world.  Cookie-cutter strip mall after strip mall and drive-through after drive-through, we’ve gotten so used to people who don’t really give a shit about us who are left amok into serving us.

We’ve seen the footage of slaughter houses, but once in a while we need a reminder of what’s really under the covers.  So here come a documentary called Earthlings that allows us to stop and pause for awhile, after hearing those horrific cries.  Oh but so, you will go back to eating meat, but be very wary of what’s really served up in that plate in front of you.

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