Documentary about the rise and fall of Tower Records


I miss record stores, but for some reason I really don’t miss the corporate giant Tower Records.  As street smart New Yorkers, we never wanted to pay full price for anything, and this once giant among retailers exploited the shit out of paying for a plastic disc with digital encoded information, about $14-$16 on average.  Sounds a bit ridiculous these days when compared to a legitimate download.  Anyway, those retail days for music are nearly long past us as we are more concerned with watches that talk back to us and monitor heartbeats, but I always have a soft spot in my heart for any project concerning the glory days of music retail.

A new Kickstarter campaign has successfully fulfilled backing for releasing a documentary by Colin Hanks titled “All Things Must Pass: The Rise And Fall of Tower Records ($5 & up pledge) , which will flourish pretty soon, most ironically as a download.  But if you donate $25 or more, you will get a hefty thank you and a copy of the DVD, if you still own a DVD player.  I would really love to see it once it’s out!  Unfortunately, there is no trailer yet…

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