Hardshells, hardshells, and more hardshells !


No, Run DMC didn’t throw up in a paint factory, it is the new Adidas Supercolor line by Pharrell Williams ($130) where fifty shades of grey becomes 50 shades of Superstars.  The throwback classic shoe that has still stayed strong for so long, but jacked up in price for the hue that’s you.  I wonder what maniac would get all 50 for $6500.  I can only say one colorful bastard.  One big pack of rubberized Skittles!  I think just mounting all 50 on a wall installation spells art to me.  (compared to the useless shit that passes for art these days anyway)


They alsl have a limited line of matching colored jackets for $100 each too.  You got ta coordinate homey!

AC5920_06_standard Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 7.02.45 PM

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