I couldn’t have ripped the new Macbook better myself !

Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 12.49.13 AM

If you understand Spanish, please pretend you don’t.  This is the funniest real audio spoof I’ve had the privilege of encountering while drooling all over my laptop.  My abs have never had a better workout, and my tear ducts have been completely drained from all the laughter.  All you need to do is hear my man’s laugh and read the subs.

Insight: our toothless marauder is an “Apple engineer” and he is sharing his “product-developmental-experience” with the talk show host on how the Apple Macbook, priced at $1299, has been terribly flawed by lacking the incorporation of a USB and Thunderbolt port, leaving many media folks (mostly DJs) in an uproar on its final design.  With the lack of ports (inputs), you basically cannot plug any devices to it, which is a pretty big bummer on such a wonderful looking product.  All they left was one plug for interfacing, and it’s also for the power supply!  Can I get a WTF?  Thank you…

If this humor is above your head, it’s totally understandable, but if you do get the real audio humor behind it, it is priceless and brilliant!  When I say LOL, I really fuckin’ mean it.



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